About Us:

QURO; a word play of the Japanese language of black.

We explore the juxtaposition of different hues of black into designer apparel that brings about each collective into a unique theme. 

Every single piece of our garment is carefully designed. They are sewn together from scratch with exceptional grade of fabrics flown in from Japan and Europe, the zippers and buttons are custom manufactured to give a little more edge to our brand's unique identity and everything is delicately pieced together in Singapore to give you the perfect piece of garment in your everyday life.

Weaving stories together into them are our form of unique finishing-touch. We look at presenting the stories in our very own artistic ways, through different medias, arts, photographic stills and short motion pictures. 

With that, we would love you to indulge in our humble tales while having a piece of us together with you whenever you go.



Exploring conceptual themes in our collections by designing creative & unique clothing from scratch. Bringing apparels with depth into the market and creating 

emotional connection with like minded individuals.



QURO aims to inspire and encourage creativity and individuality by being different and exploring a diverse spectrum of colors and designs. QURO looks to build a community of like-minded individuals who do not like to be confined in mainstream styles.